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Dental Cleanings

The best way to maintain good oral hygiene is to regularly clean your mouth. You can do this by brushing your teeth twice every day and flossing a minimum of once a day. However, that’s not all you need. Professional dental cleaning is part of oral hygiene and involves the removal of dental plaque from teeth and mouth. Dental cleaning prevents cavities, gingivitis, and periodontal disease. Smile Family Dentistry can provide you with professional dental cleaning services.

What Happens During a Dental Cleaning?

When you visit us for a cleaning, you will be attended to by a dental hygienist or sometimes the dentist will perform the cleaning. There are several stages to expect from dental cleaning. The first stage is the physical examination. The dental hygienist will examine your entire mouth. Using a small mirror, the dental hygienist will inspect your teeth and gums for any signs of inflammation or any other concerns. If our expert detects a major problem, they will advise you on any required treatment and the best way to proceed with the cleaning. The next stage is the removal of debris. Our expert will use a scaler to get rid of plaque and tartar around your gumline and between your teeth. You will feel scraping on your teeth, but the process is not painful. The more plaque and tartar we see on your gumline and teeth the more time we will spend scraping them off. To avoid spending more time on this stage, you should brush your teeth more often to prevent the buildup of plaque and tartar. You can read tips on brushing here.

The third stage after the scraping of the plaque and tartar is the brushing of the teeth. Our dental hygienist will brush your teeth with a high powered electric brush to remove any tartar that could not be removed by the scaler. We will use a gritty toothpaste to remove any surface stains on your teeth. This procedure can be done twice a year as it is more intense on the teeth. If done more often it could wear down the enamel of your teeth. Expert flossing comes next. You may be flossing regularly at home but you may be missing some parts of your teeth. Do not pass up on the opportunity of getting your teeth flossed by a dental hygienist. An expert flossing by our dental hygienist will get deep between your teeth to remove any leftover plaque or toothpaste from the earlier cleaning process. You can read tips on flossing here.

The next stage is rinsing of the mouth to get rid of all the debris that has been collected from the previous cleaning processes. Our dental hygienist will rinse your mouth with a solution that contains liquid fluoride. The last stage of dental cleaning is applying fluoride treatment. Our dental hygienist will apply the fluoride treatment on your teeth and gum to help prevent cavities for the next few months.

How Often Should You Get a Dental Cleaning?

Standard cleaning of your teeth at home is not enough. Sometimes bacteria invade your gumline and regular brushing of your teeth at home will not suffice. We recommend that you visit us at least every six months for deep dental cleaning. Cleaning will ensure the removal of plaque and bacteria and the fluoride treatment will help strengthen the enamel and decrease tooth sensitivity. Schedule a dental cleaning by calling Smile Family Dentistry at 925-825-1130 today.
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