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Oral Hygiene

Lady flossing her teeth happilyOral hygiene is a routine of practices that can help maintain oral cleanliness. These practices involve both personal activities and professional services. Through checkups, we are able to provide some services that may improve your overall oral hygiene. We can also identify dental issues in their first stages and give treatment. You can book a checkup with us here at Smile Family Dentistry today to improve your oral hygiene.

When Do I Need Professional Help with Oral Hygiene?

You need our professional oral hygiene help when you constantly have plaque buildup on your teeth that is difficult to remove. For extreme cases, we use curettes (a unique thin instrument) to remove the plaque from the tooth’s surface manually. After this procedure, the teeth are smoothened with polishing paste to make it easier to brush your teeth.

Also, if you constantly have bad breath and your gums are bleeding, you might need to schedule an appointment with us. Bleeding can indicate an infection in either the tooth or the gums. We conduct a dental cleaning for our patients whenever we give any dental treatment.

The Importance of Oral Hygiene

The mouth naturally has bacteria from the foods we consume. Without proper care and cleanliness, the bacteria can cause cavities in the teeth and eventually tooth decay. Gum disease and bleeding may also occur without proper oral care. Poor oral hygiene can also result in numerous tooth loss as you get older. Keeping good oral hygiene will help ensure that you experience a healthy and bright smile.

New research suggests that your oral health reflects your general body health, too. The digestion of food starts in the mouth. Without appropriate oral care, the teeth will have difficulty breaking down food to the correct size. Unfortunately, this means that the digestion process will attain fewer nutrients from the food.

How to Maintain Good Oral Hygiene

Having regular checkups will help you focus on the oral health practices that you need most. Generally, flossing and brushing your teeth regularly after every meal will reduce acid buildup in your mouth. This simple action can save you from expensive dental treatments, such as the need to have dental implants.

We recommend that you change your toothbrush every three months. Your toothbrush becomes less effective when the bristles lose their shape. Sugary food is the leading cause of cavities in patients with poor oral hygiene. Limiting the intake of sugary food will help increase the health of your teeth. Also, do not forget your tongue. Bacteria and debris also build up on it and need to be brushed off gently.

Oral Hygiene with Dentures

For people with dentures, implants, or braces, the most effective way to ensure good oral hygiene is to have dental check ups regularly. The contact points between natural teeth and the various dental prosthesis need to be cleaned with fluoride to remove bacteria and plaque. Receiving a regular dental treatment will prolong the life of the remaining natural teeth.

To guarantee that your oral hygiene is good, please book an appointment with us. We can perform a full oral assessment on your checkup to identify any oral issue in its early stages. You can contact us here at Smile Family Dentistry by calling 925-825-1130 to set up your appointment with our dental team.

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