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Sports Guards

If you are involved in any sport, including football, hockey, soccer, baseball, skateboarding, gymnastics, and mountain biking among others, you are prone to injure your mouth. Sports mouthguards are specially designed devices worn on the teeth to protect them from impacts and injuries. They are important protective devices for anyone taking part in any sports that involve falling, collision, body contact, or having flying objects. Sports mouthguards usually cover the upper jaw, and their main function is to protect the teeth from injuries, lip cuts, and other damages to the mouth. Our dentist can suggest having a mouthguard for individuals who have undergone other dental procedures such as veneers, crowns, and bridges on the lower jaw. If you play any of the sports mentioned and you are prone to injuries, Smile Family Dentistry will help you fit the sports mouthguard effectively and reduce the risks of damaging your teeth and mouth.

The Importance of a Sports Mouthguard

While in the pitch, your least worries would be getting involved in an accident, either falling, collision, or being hit by an object, making you lose your teeth or have mouth injuries. However, the worst always happens due to unpredictable circumstances, leaving you with damaged or missing teeth with mouth injuries. If you recently did any dental procedure, you will also want to protect your teeth. A sports mouthguard helps you safeguard your teeth and mouth from such injuries, so you can enjoy the game without worries.

Types of Sports Mouthguards

Our dentist will enable you to choose a mouthguard that is resilient, comfortable, and tear-resistant to protect your mouth, lips, and teeth. There are three types of sports mouthguards to choose from. One type is the custom-made mouthguards, which are specifically designed for you by our dentist in the laboratory, to fit your needs and ensure comfortability. The other mouthguard is the boil and bite, which needs to be boiled to soften them, then you’ll bite to ensure they perfectly fit in your mouth. The last type is the stock mouthguard, which comes ready to wear for any individual. Depending on your type of activity and dental formation, our dentist will suggest the best sports mouthguard for you. Factors that will determine your choice of mouthguard include your dental formation, budget, and the kind of sport you play. Some sports like hockey require more customized mouthguards as compared to other sports.

How Long Do Mouthguards Last

There is no definite duration as to how long the mouthguard should last. Its duration depends on how often the mouthguard is used, the type of mouthguard, and other determinants. Through periodic visits to our dentist, they will inform you when to change the current mouthguard. For adolescents and young adults, changing the mouthguard is done regularly because their teeth are still developing. For professional athletes, a new season might require a new sports mouthguard. To ensure your mouthguard lasts for a longer time, you’ll have to maintain it as instructed by our professionals.

Staying protected from injuries is one way of making sure you enjoy playing the sport without limits and fear. It is essential to protect your teeth, lips, and mouth to ensure you avoid injuries that might be expensive to treat or might obstruct your sports career. For more information on how this sports mouthguard will work for you and have them fitted, kindly contact Smile Family Dentistry at 925-825-1130 today.
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