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Root Canals

Do you have an aching, hurting, or decaying tooth? If so, you need to visit our professionals for a checkup, and if required, you’ll be recommended for a root canal procedure. Root canal is the dental procedure that involves removing infections and decaying matter inside the tooth, cleaning it, and treating the tooth to avoid future infections. The process is carried out at the root of the tooth, also known as the pulp. If you are having oral pain or intense sensitivity, it’s time to consider visiting our dental office and have the issue treated. Smile Family Dentistry will check on the tooth, and determine the best course of action for dealing with an infected or injured tooth.

What Is Root Canal Treatment?

The root canal procedure is not a treatment, but a procedure that helps remove an infection from the tooth’s pulp or root. The term ‘root canal’ refers to the hollow (inside) part of the tooth that contains blood vessels, nerve tissues, and the pulp. The roots enable your teeth to attach effectively to the jawbone. The treatment involves treating any infection and decay on the root canal.

Who Needs the Root Canal Procedure?

If you have an infected root canal, you are a candidate for this procedure. Without this process, the condition might worsen, infecting other teeth, or it may cause the tooth to get loose and finally fall off. The process helps to alleviate the ugly process of removing the tooth, which affects one’s confidence and smile. It is important to save the natural tooth since nothing will work as perfectly as it does.

Steps Involved in Treating the Root Canal

First, you need to visit our offices and have the dentist access the situation before moving forward. In the first stage of the process, after getting anesthesia to relieve pain, the dentist removes the affected sections and cleans the root canal using special equipment. After the canal is cleaned and disinfected, the root canal is filled with a special material and then sealed with dental cement to ensure the material doesn’t leak. The process isn’t painful because there will be no infection nor nerves in the root canal.

To make your tooth last longer without damage, the dentist will add a crown or filling to protect the tooth and ensure it stays strong for years. Once the tooth is crowned or filled, the patient can regularly use it as before without worries. The treatment should only take one visit, but it can take more depending on the teeth’ damage and how complicated the process will be.

Is the Root Canal Process Painful?

Most individuals fear this process, regarding it as painful. In reality, our professionals use anesthesia and special tools that make the process painless. The tooth gets numbed before the process, and it helps to alleviate the pain. After the process, the dentist will give out painkillers that prevent tenderness.

If you have a decayed root canal, painful or itching teeth from the inside, you need to be checked for treatment to avoid further damage. Our dentists have the necessary tools and skills to handle the whole process effectively. To learn more about your tooth condition and whether you are a candidate for a root canal, call Smile Family Dentistry at 925-825-1130 today.
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