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Healthy tooth and periodontitisPeriodontal disease and gum disease are the same. Destructive to both the hard tissues of the jawbone and teeth, it is equally so to the soft tissues of the gum. Progressive in nature, it cannot be cured once it advances beyond the initial stages and can cause excruciating pain, tooth decay, and tooth loss. This is referred to as periodontitis.

Many people are diligent in their oral health practices but many more are not. A great number of patients fail to realize just how important those practices are. They skip a day or two and do not brush or floss and figure nothing bad can happen. However, that is not accurate. When skipping a day, the bacteria which is naturally found in the mouth can become overly aggressive and build up to dangerous levels causing damage to tooth enamel and soft gum tissue. This can lead to gum disease and a lifetime of unnecessary suffering.

Patients will need to suffer invasive procedures in the lifelong commitment to treating periodontal disease and periodontitis, incurring pain, suffering, and unnecessary expense. Do not hesitate to call us or have an in-depth look at your dental health. We are here at Smile Family Dentistry.


Bacteria build-up will eventually turn into tartar and subsequently plaque. This increased level of bacteria can start the first stage of gingivitis which can be attributed to bleeding gums, soreness of the jaw, and tooth pain. It can also cause pain while chewing and even speaking.

Some patients will notice swelling or bleeding along the gums as well as a change in color. Gums can become overly sensitive to temperature changes in food and beverages and can be sensitive and painful while chewing or brushing. All of these are indicative of periodontal disease.

The latter stages of periodontal disease, periodontitis, come with even more symptoms and consequences. The discolored discharge may occur along the gums or from in between the teeth. Sores and ulcers may also begin to form along the gumline, tongue or even the roof of the mouth. The pain will be increased with the movement of the jaw and eating food.

When the disease progresses into the latter stages, patients will begin to notice some of their teeth have become loose in their gums because the gum and bone structure beneath has been weakened by the disease. As the decay sets in, tooth loss will become common. The remaining teeth may begin to shift and change positions which will impact the way patients chew and speak. By changing the bite motion, this will create greater strain to the teeth which are now touching in different places as well as the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) as well. It can cause pain and discomfort along the jaw and in the mouth.


The biggest consequence of contracting periodontal disease to the extent of periodontitis is the lifelong commitment it takes to continue to treat it. Periodontal maintenance will need to be done three to four times a year for the rest of the patient’s life.

If you have questions or concerns regarding your oral health or periodontal disease specifically, please contact us at Smile Family Dentistry. We are also always available by phone at the following number 925-825-1130.
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