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Dentistry for Kids

Pediatric dentists are dedicated to the oral health of children right from infancy through to their teen years. We have great experience and possess the best qualifications in taking care of a child’s teeth, gum, and mouth. Smile Family Dentistry provides dental health care to children.

Types of Treatments Provided for Kids

It is important to start taking care of a child’s dental health at an early stage. The buildup of plaque and tartar on a child’s teeth can lead to costly dental problems in the future. We provide comprehensive oral health care that includes the following services. The first treatment can be as early as an infant oral health exam. It is important to start taking care of your child’s oral health from birth. The infant may not have teeth, but their gums will need regular cleaning before their teeth come in. We can advise you on the correct way to clean your baby’s gums after feeding. The second is preventive dental care for children.

Children do not know the importance of maintaining oral hygiene. Sometimes it requires firm rules to make sure they brush their teeth and keep their toothbrushes safe. When your children visit us, we shall examine their teeth and clean them and provide any treatment necessary. This will protect their teeth from cavities and other oral infections. We also provide nutrition and diet recommendations so that your kids’ teeth grow strong and healthy. Oral infections can be transmitted hence we advise that you avoid sharing of utensils between babies to avoid spreading diseases from one child to the other.

Habit counseling is also provided by our dentists. Some parents introduce their babies and infants to pacifiers. Sucking on a pacifier is safe, however doing it for a long time is bad. Getting your child to stop using a pacifier can be a difficult task. Thumb sucking is also another habit that may be difficult for a child to stop. Sucking of pacifiers or thumbs for a long period of time can cause subsequent dental problems. We can advise you on ways to help you stop your child from sucking their thumb or pacifier. Another treatment is repairing cavities or defects.

Sometimes when a child starts teething, they may develop certain defects that may affect the growth of their baby and permanent teeth. One of these defects is enamel hypoplasia where the enamel of your baby’s teeth is very thin making them vulnerable to dental decay. Our dentists can help your child by treating this defect before it significantly affects their dental health.

We also take care of dental Injuries sustained by kids. Children engage in many playful activities, some of which may lead to dental injuries. They may be running around the house playing until one of them falls down, fracturing their front teeth or even knocking out a tooth. Our dentists can fix these injuries, making sure that they do not affect the growth of their permanent teeth.

Management of Gum Disease and Other Conditions

Children can get periodontal disease if their oral hygiene is not good. Early treatment of gum disease is important because it may affect the growth and health of their permanent teeth. Our dentists can perform a deep cleaning of your child’s gums and infected tissue and also prescribe the right medication. Other oral health conditions that we treat include mouth ulcers, oral mucocele, tooth decay, and tongue thrusting among others. If your child has an oral infection, dental injury, defective teeth among others, you can call Smile Family Dentistry at 925-825-1130 today.
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