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Conscious Oral Sedation

Oral surgery sedationTooth extraction is one of the most common dental procedures, with a success rate of 95%. Though, even with a high success rate, some people still worry about the thought of undergoing a dental procedure, whether it is tooth extraction, bone grafting, gums, or implant surgery.

Not making an important dental appointment can cause more issues to your oral health. When this happens, your overall health can be affected too. At Smile Family Dentistry, we ensure that each patient has a comfortable and relaxed dental experience.

What Is Conscious Sedation?

Conscious sedation is a common procedure used to relieve and make patients comfortable during dental procedures. This is beneficial for people who experience stress associated with undergoing a dental operation.

It is used for procedures like fillings, thorough teeth cleaning, endoscopies, and many more. It can help relax the patient and remove discomfort so the procedure can go smoothly. In the past, conscious sedation has been called a lot of names, but nowadays it is usually referred to as analgesia and procedural sedation.

How Does It Work?

Sedatives are typically administered a few minutes before a dental procedure. This is to make the process painless and comfortable for the patient. There are several types of sedation drugs, including midazolam, propofol, dexmedetomidine, and ketamine. The type of sedation drug that will be used on the patient depends on their case.

You can receive the sedative through one of three ways: an IV line, facial mask, or an oral tablet. In an IV line, the sedative medicine will go directly to the bloodstream, and in a facial mask, the sedative will be inhaled. If it is oral conscious sedation, then our doctor will provide you with a sedative that is usually in pill form.

General Anesthesia vs. Conscious Sedation

Most people do not know this, but there is a difference between general anesthesia and conscious sedation. Unlike general anesthesia which can make you lose consciousness, you will still be aware during conscious sedation.

Patients under general anesthesia will not remember anything. While those with conscious sedation will still be mostly aware of their surroundings and retain some memories during the process. Patients will not feel any pain during their procedure in both cases. The recovery from sedation is also faster than general anesthesia.

Is Conscious Oral Sedation Safe?

Conscious sedation is extremely safe and most practices around the world use it during dental procedures. Oral sedatives are all regulated by the FDA and the chances of experiencing any serious side effects are extremely low. However, if too much sedative is given to you, there can be some problems with your breathing. The amount of medicine depends on the length of the procedure and should be just enough to avoid this problem.

If you are struggling to remain calm and you feel uncomfortable during a dental process, it is understandable to want to have a smooth and worry-free procedure. Conscious oral sedation can help you overcome these obstacles with ease. To learn more about conscious oral sedation, give us a call at 925-825-1130 or visit us at Smile Family Dentistry today.
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