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Caring For Your Dentures

A hand holding a glass of water with dentures in it.Custom fit dentures are one of the most popular dental appliances available today to help revitalize a patient’s smile and self-confidence. Custom dentures are designed to feel and function like natural teeth and are among the less expensive options. Custom fit dentures can fit your lifestyle well and help achieve a high-level comfort by fitting to the measurements of your mouth. Avoid the trap of ready made over the counter dentures. Call our team at Smile Family Dentistry to get your perfect custom fit dentures for their natural appearance and long-lasting comfort.

An Overview of Custom Fit Dentures

Custom fit dentures are removable appliances placed inside the mouth. They provide structural support to the cheeks and lips, complementing the entire facial structure. With conventional dentures, it is necessary to wait until the gums and soft tissue heal before they can be placed. If they are used too soon it can lead to potential infection. Custom fit dentures appear more like the patient’s natural teeth because they are based on measurements and designed to specifically fit their mouth. They will not slip and move out of place or look uncomfortable or unattractive, allowing patients to eat, drink and socialize without discomfort.

Benefits of Custom Dentures

Custom fit dentures are designed to make teeth structure look natural with a high level of comfort. They are available in different shapes, colors, and sizes to fit each patient’s facial alignment. Hundreds of options are available so patients can achieve a natural looking smile which best matches their facial structure. With the help of our professional dental experts, patients can choose the appropriate gum shade, ridge options and texture best suitable for their oral health.

Types of Custom Dentures

Custom fit dentures are made by using advanced technology and high-grade materials. Here are the types of custom fit dentures which can address your oral care needs:
All-on-® is a surgical technique which places four dental implants onto the jaw. This process is implant-supported and helps regain your natural appearance.

Implant retained dentures are mini-implants and are used to keep dentures in place. Designed to make patients feel more comfortable while chewing, speaking, or even singing, this inexpensive process typically takes an hour to complete.

Dental implants are artificial teeth which are firmly placed onto the jawbone. These are made of high-grade biomaterials to take the place of missing teeth.

Lastly, dental bridges are a type of appliance that can fill the gaps between teeth and support their alignment.

Maintenance and Caring for Custom Fit Dentures:

Proper care and maintenance will help improve the lifespan of your custom fit dentures. Custom fit dentures must be cleaned thoroughly to prevent bacterial growth. Rinse the dentures and clean your gums after eating before inserting your dentures. Patients must handle and brush dentures carefully and abide by the instructions provided by their professional dental care team in order to extend their lifespan.

Custom fit dentures are professionally made and tailored to suit each patient’s preferences by complimenting their appearance, smile, and personality. Come see our professionals at Smile Family Dentistry and we will walk you through the process with the best high-quality custom fit dentures to suit your needs and fit your budget. Call us now at 925-825-1130 to book your appointment.
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