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Caring for Dental Implants

Woman smiling while brushing her teethDental implants are the most common solution for tooth loss. They are designed to be a permanent replacement for missing and broken teeth. Implants are just like natural teeth; they feel, look, and function the same as them.

An implant is a small metal post, usually made of titanium, that is surgically positioned in the jawbone. It acts as the tooth root on which the artificial tooth is placed on top. With proper care and maintenance, implants can last a lifetime. If you are missing one or more permanent adult teeth, our team at Smile Family Dentistry can help restore and bring back your healthy smile with dental implants.

Brush and Floss Daily

Just like your natural teeth, dental implants need proper cleaning too. Taking care of them is very easy and not complicated. The way you clean your natural teeth is not any different from how implants should be cleaned. You may clean your artificial teeth by brushing them with a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste at least twice a day. When choosing a toothpaste to use, make sure to pick sensitive cleaning products and try to avoid abrasive ones that can cause discomfort. A bacterial mouthwash can also be used in cleaning your new teeth.

Even though dental implants do not decay and get cavities, plaque can still develop around them. Flossing your natural teeth is a good way of removing the plaque that builds up between the teeth. This can also be done to your new teeth. Doing it at least once a day can prevent plaque from forming.

Plaque can cause bad breath, and if it is not removed immediately from your teeth, can turn into tartar. Once the tartar is formed, your regular brushing and flossing will not be enough to remove them. Unlike dentures, implants are positioned into the gums, and they do not need to be removed when it is time for cleaning. Implants do not require heavy maintenance and are not like other temporary teeth replacements.

Regular Dental Check-ups

The care for your dental implants does not end with proper oral hygiene. The same as your natural teeth, your new artificial teeth also require regular dental check-ups. Having them checked at least twice a year is crucial in detecting any early signs of gum disease that are not visible to you.

What Will Happen if You Do Not Take Care of Them?

Dental implants are designed to be as real as your natural teeth. Without consistent proper care, just like your real teeth, dental implants can cause some problems too. Not cleaning your teeth can increase your chances of developing oral issues. One of the common problems improper hygiene can cause is mucositis. This is bleeding around the implant. Mucositis is painful, but it can be easily treated if detected early. When neglected and left unchecked, it can lead to peri-implantitis or bone loss which is irreversible.

Tooth loss is common, but with dental implants, you will not have to struggle with it permanently. At Smile Family Dentistry, we provide the best dental restorations that can meet your needs and expectations. For more information about dental implants, do not hesitate to call us at 925-825-1130 today.
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